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Propane Refills and Sales - Boston, Sudbury, MA

At The Fireplace and Grill Shop at West Sport, we fill all your propane tanks from 5lbs to 100 lbs. and we have the most convenient hours and location.

You may have found it difficult to get your propane tank refilled with the growing popularity of propane tank exchange. Unfortunately, exchanging your propane tank is more expensive than refilling it. Get your tank refilled by us and partial fills are available too.

We will also let you know if your tank is un-safe or expired. If you don't have a propane tank, or need a new one, no problem, at West Sport we have new 20 lb propane tanks for sale.

Propane Prices:

5lb tank $7.50
10 lb tank $9.75
20 lb tank $19.50
30 lb tank $29.25
40 lb tank $39.00
100lb tank $97.50
Disposal of old tank $8.00
New 20lb Propane tank $39.95

Gas grills and propane heaters all run on propane, and it is never fun when your propane tank runs dry at the neighborhood cook out. Fill your propane tank at West Sport, or buy an extra, and never run out of propane in the middle of grilling again.

We also service gas grills and sell many replacement parts. Hoses and regulators, burners, grates, and heat plates are just some of the parts of your gas grill that may need replacing to make your grill as good as new. Come on in and see what we have, we service and have replacement parts for every gas grill we sell.

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