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HearthStone Gas Stoves - Boston, Sudbury, MA

HearthStone gas stoves provide you with both aesthetics and efficiency! We are confident you will think these stoves are beautiful, but in addition, they are subject to stringent efficiency standards.

HearthStone gas stoves are thermostatically controlled, so the heat is completely adjustable. You set the temperature with controls on the unit or with a wall thermostat. The heat is steady and consistent. Several stoves feature built-in fans to help distribute the warmed air. Aside from its convenience, gas is also a reliable choice for when there are power outages; Massachusetts in the winter! HearthStone gas stoves have a pilot light and require no household current for operation; therefore you continue to have a working heat source during a winter storm power failure.

The Bristol

The Bristol

Fire Perfected! The Bristol DX with its panoramic 3-sided viewing has innovation and efficiency built in! 3-Sided fire viewing lets you enjoy realistic logs and a beautiful flame from any focal point in the room; perfect for relaxation, warmth, and enjoyment.

  • Heats up to: 1800 Square Feet
  • Burn Rate Range: 16,000 - 36,000 BTU's
  • Steady State Efficiency: 78% (NG), 79% (LP)
  • EnerGuide Rating: 80%

The Sterling

The Sterling

With the convenience and heating efficiency of gas and the radiant warmth of stone and enameled cast iron, the Sterling is a beautiful stove that can be a warm and inviting centerpiece to your home. The Sterling is the biggest and most versatile gas stove from Hearthstone and is available with more venting configurations and options than any other gas stove on the market.

  • Heats up to: Up to 1,800 sq. ft.
  • Burn Rate Range: 12,000 - 38,000 BTUs/hr.
  • Steady State Efficiency: 74– 83%
  • EnerGuide Rating: 74%

The Tucson DV

The Tucson DV Deluxe

The Tucson DV Deluxe is made for easy, effortless functionality and gives you a variety of exclusive features – all programmable from our signature remote. Now, you can control your stove from the comfort of your sofa, or anywhere else in the room, with just the touch of a button. As beautiful as they are smart, Tucson DV is perfectly scaled to complement most living environments.

  • Heats up to: Up to 1,200 sq. ft.
  • Burn Rate Range: 18,000 - 25,000 BTUs/hr.
  • Steady State Efficiency: 83%
  • EnerGuide Rating: 61%

There are more styles and sizes of Hearthstone Gas stove available. Visit us to see the whole line.