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Primo Charcoal Grills - Boston, Sudbury, MA

Primo Charcoal grills are the only ceramic grills made in the US. The Primo is a grill and a smoker and grilling enthusiasts love it! But even the grilling novice can use this grill. Flash sear fish or slow roast BBQ, this grill is easy to use and will perform. The Primo will change the way you look at grilling,and even the look of this charcoal grill has changed. With the Primo grill, you can do more than grill burgers. Bake breads, make pizza, or fry eggs for breakfast. This grill can do it all. Using lump charcoal, the grill works to perfection.

Come lift the lid, you can feel the perfectly balanced perfection of this grill. If you like entertaining in your backyard, this grill will be a conversation piece at any gathering. And remember, free assembly and delivery on all of our gas or charcoal grills.

Primo Charcoal Grill