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Primo Ceramic Charcoal Grills are the Only Way to Grill on Charcoal - Boston, Sudbury, MA

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Primo ceramic grills are the only ceramic grills that are made in the USA. Cooking good food is done best on a Primo charcoal grill and smoker. With ceramic grills, the heat and moisture are retained inside the grill. No matter how hot the temperature inside, the exterior of the grill gets only warm to the touch. Metal retains heat and lets it escape. Ceramic keeps the heat inside, along with the moisture in your meat.

No matter what you want to cook, from grilling to smoking to baking, this charcoal keg style grill is the way to do it. This grill is an oval keg-style grill, and oval is better than round every time!

Watch the video to find out more about Primo Ceramic charcoal grills.

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