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Pellet Grills & Smokers for Wood-Fired Flavor!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Check out the features of our GMG Prime Plus grills, the new standard in pellet grilling! With ultimate grilling versatility, precise temperature control, WiFi Smart Control, and new rotisserie enabled grilling this is a great addition to your backyard arsenal!

Green Mountain Grills is excited to show off the fresh new look of the brand and product line. GMG's superior wood-fired grills deserved a revitalized and reinforced brand and grill line identity

Champion your backyard bbq with a GMG's versatile line of PRIME WiFi smart controlled pellet grills. GMG's industry leading accessories and attachments allow you to transform your grill into a wood-fired pizza oven by lunch, cooking pizzas in minutes at temps over 800°F to a wood-fired rotisserie by dinner. Your neighborhood won't know what hit them.

Take your backyard barbecue to the limits with our midsized LEDGE series. This workhorse will set the new standard of bbq in your neighborhood. With 458 sq. in. of grill space and a temp range from 150°-550°F with 5° increment control, bold flavor and consistency has never been easier.

For those who think bigger isn't always better has never tried to smoke their own whole hog in their backyard. GMG's PEAK series is the big boy on the block with 658 sq. in. of grill space with the same temp range and consistency as his little brothers.

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