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Heating Homes with Wood has Many Advantages – Sudbury, Boston

Friday, September 26, 2014

Heating your home by burning firewood in a wood stove is a very satisfying practice. Knowing that you are cutting heating bills and participating in the local economy, while using a renewable energy source are a few of the reasons why.

This winter is supposed to be very cold, with lots of snow. If you want a more efficient way to heat your home, look at wood burning fireplace insert. However there are some variables involved in choosing the right wood-burning appliance.

Wood Heat is experiencing a renaissance, thanks to increasing energy costs associated with other forms of heating. Heating with firewood is typically more suited to rural areas than urban ones, but firewood can be delivered or found anywhere. There are many advantages of heating with wood versus other energy sources like oil, electricity and propane in terms of cost and overall efficiency.

Another argument to heating with wood is that it is a green heat, wood is sustainable.   Wood stoves and wood burning fireplace inserts have improved in efficiency in the last few decades. There are other distinct advantages that wood-burning offers over other methods of home heating. First off, dollar-for-dollar it's much cheaper, plus it can be a complete off-grid option, and there is a hands-on allure with using wood for heat, appealing to our sense of self-reliance.

For more information on heating with wood, or on the right fireplace insert for your home, contact West Sport in Sudbury.