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Black Friday Gas and Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts Sale – Natick, Framingham, Marlborough

Friday, November 15, 2013

We have the perfect way to change the look and feel of your great room without a massive renovation project. Gas or wood burning fireplace inserts make a dramatic statement. Because they are becoming so popular, there are even more styles than ever before. Now you can find gas or wood burning fireplace inserts to fit any style.

In addition to making a design statement, fireplace inserts will also decrease your heating bills and make your open fireplace more efficient. It seems like our winters’ are getting longer and longer. Oil and gas prices continue to rise. Fireplace inserts will help supplement your home heating, warming rooms that are traditionally cooler. This keeps your furnace from continuously cycling.

Open hearths draw the heat from your home up and out the chimney. Fireplace inserts keep that heat in your home. When the insert is burning, the firebox allows the fire to burn hotter than a traditional open fire and the blower forces that heat out into your home.

What is the best news about fireplace inserts? Starting on Black Friday, gas and wood burning fireplace inserts will be on sale for 3 days only. Buy any gas or wood burning fireplace inserts and get the chimney vent kit for free. That is a savings of up to $750. If you have not purchased your fireplace insert for this winter yet, contact us for more information on how you can have a beautiful fire for the rest of the holiday season.