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Benefits of Gas Fireplace Inserts – Lexington, Sudbury, Boston

Friday, January 23, 2015

There are many advantages of gas fireplace inserts over burning wood. Here a just a few: they are cleaner, safer, and easier, not to mention beautifully made. If you have an open hearth or a wood burning fireplace insert, you may want to convert to gas for any number of reasons. There is an easy solution to converting your wood fireplace to gas, gas fireplace inserts.

Gas fireplace inserts are fireboxes that are inserted into your existing open fireplace. Fireplace inserts often come with a thermostat and/or a remote control. This means they can be turned on with the flick of a switch from the comfort of your couch. This also means that you can set them to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.  These features alone make gas inserts advantageous.

Gas fireplace inserts are also very energy efficient. In fact, new gas fireplace inserts may be even more efficient than your old furnace. Open hearth fireplaces draw the warm air out of your home. Inserts recirculate the warm air back into your home. This makes gas fireplaces very energy and cost efficient.

Another great benefit of gas fireplace inserts is that they are beautifully made and there are many different designs, styles, and colors, to fit any style décor. This makes it easy to add ambiance and a focal point to your living space.  Some inserts have different surround options you can choose from as well.  This makes it easy to change the entire look of your home by adding a fireplace insert to match any style décor.

If you have a wood burning fireplace it is easy to change to the ease, efficiency and safety of gas.  Contact West Sport in Sudbury for more information.