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Advantages of Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts – Lexington, Sudbury, Boston

Friday, January 16, 2015

If you are considering adding a fireplace insert to your home, consider the multiple advantages and benefits of wood burning fireplace inserts. Here are just a few of them: efficiency, cleaner burning, and warmer.

A fireplace insert is a specially designed steel firebox that is made to fit into your existing open fireplace. Air from inside your home is drawn into the firebox. The warm air from the fire is then blown back into your home. This is called radiant heat and this is actually one of the advantages of a wood insert. Open fireplaces lose hot air up the chimney, fireplace inserts dramatically improve the efficiency of your hearth. This means that with an insert you will get more heat into your home from an identical fire.

Because fireplace inserts are so much more energy efficient, they improve the efficiency of your entire home. Fires burn hotter in inserts which means you will keep your thermostats lower. Because they burn so efficiently, this means they lessen wood-smoke pollution as well. Because the heat is “radiant heat” wood burning fireplace inserts increase the output of heat into your living area.

If someone in your home has allergies or if you are concerned about indoor air quality, a fireplace insert has the advantage over an open fireplace because it is enclosed. However, inserts are beautifully designed with a full sized glass door, so your view of the roaring fire won’t be comprised.

Wood burning fireplace inserts are also more efficient because they “burn cleaner”. They burn hotter than an open fireplace, which means they get more heat out of every piece of firewood. This means you will save money all around, on firewood and on heating bills.

Besides all of these practical advantages, you have the advantage of design as well. Fireplace inserts often offer design options, so you can coordinate it’s style with your home décor. Surrounds can be beautifully blended with your home to create a focal point in your home all year round adding to your home's personality and comfort.

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