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5 Reasons To Buy Fireplace Doors

Friday, March 01, 2024
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It’s a great time to find a fireplace door that meets your home’s needs! Let’s discover 5 reasons fireplace doors are a must-have.

#1 – Energy Efficiency

Outdoor temperatures are always working against that power bill and the fireplace is basically an open door for summer heat and winter cold. When left open in the winter, the fireplace will allow warm air to escape up and out the chimney and in the summer cool air from indoors is able to escape from the chimney. In both cases, fireplace glass doors increase efficiency by minimizing the amount of air lost up the chimney. In simple terms, a fireplace door saves you money!

#2 – Safety

We all love the crackling, popping sound fire creates as it burns, but embers that jump from the fireplace can burn people or pets sitting nearby. Fireplace doors and screens put a barrier between the fire and your home, your family, and your pets. They also keep embers and crackling logs safely in the firebox.

#3 – Hide the Unsightliness of an Open Firebox

Following on the heels of safety, is the messiness of an open firebox. Fireplace doors subtly tidy up the appearance of a firebox, keep ashes where they belong, and just generally keep your hearth cleaner during the burn season.

#4 – Aesthetics

With many gorgeous options offered, you can choose a fireplace door that fits the look and feel of your home, whether it’s rustic, modern, farmhouse or anything in between.

#5 – Fireplace Facelift (more aesthetics)

Looks matter, right? Prefabricated fireboxes are anything but artistic or attractive. They bring the beauty of fire into the home and offer safety but that’s about as far as they go! There are so many gorgeous fireplace door options!

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Source: stollindustries