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Comfort Furnace in Boston, Sudbury, MA - Infrared Heaters, Electric Furnace

At West Sport in Sudbury, we offer another solution to home heating, infrared heat by Comfort Furnace. At the touch of a button, enjoy warmth and comfort with 35-50% more heating efficiency than base board heaters. In fact, you will reduce your heating bills because these electric furnaces operate on less electricity per day than a coffee pot (Approx. $1 per day). Infrared heaters not only warm people, they warm objects, so the heat is radiated throughout the room.

Unlike most heaters which have uneven hot spots, the heat from a Comfort Furnace infrared heater surrounds you–no matter where you are in the room. It duplicates the way the sun warms the Earth – providing a soft, convection-like heat. Comfort Furnace heats the air through infrared heating elements. This heated air is then directed back into the indoor environment by fans – through a grill on the front of the unit. This results in an even, soft heat that is normally balanced between floor and ceiling by no more than a few degrees difference. Because of today’s spiraling gas, oil, propane, and other energy costs, The Comfort Furnace infrared heater will pay for itself in no time. Make no mistake… compare this product to any other heating unit offered anywhere and you will find out it is at the top of the class.

In addition to being efficient, it is also attractive. Your guests will share in the warmth and see and chances are good they may accidentally rest their drink on it mistaking it for an end table. After all, unlike the dangerous and inefficient space heaters of old, this infrared heater looks exactly like a piece of furniture. Which means this more intelligent way to heat your home can smartly match your décor as well.

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